April 1, 2019

66: Insisting We All Belong and CHAI with Rahul Sharma

I’m delighted to share this podcast with Dr. Rahul Sharma where he offers his Sitar music live and shares about these fabulous topics of life.

  • How do we insist that we all belong?
  • Rahul’s CHAI Recipe — a yummy recipe for the Self and how to be in life
  • The spirituality of the Sitar and Raag
  • Being an artist as both a self-absorbed and selfless endeavor
  • His 22-year-old band Funkadesi’s intention: We Are One Family
  • Rahul’s family lineage story about double migration and how it informs how he SHOWS UP in the world
  • Bringing healing and opening challenging conversations with drumming
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) and leaning into the difficult places with the parts of ourselves
  • Bringing in the U-shape instead of a circle

Dr. Sharma is an accomplished and passionate Consultant, Artist, Experiential Learning Innovator, Psychologist, and an expert in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership & growth. He is the founder of Funkadesi, an inclusive musical group. Whether working as a therapist, coach, consultant, performer, or producer — he recognizes expertise is needed in creating unique spaces for people to grow, produce, and flourish.

Rahul combines emotional intelligence, creativity, knowledge, transparency, honesty, and skill in assessing and intervening, resulting in effective and lasting solutions.

Grab a CHAI or a lovely refresher and tune in with us.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:09 Sponsored by My Online Group Healing Sessions

1:53 Opening & Background

5:40 Opening Conversation

7:23 Rahul’s Family Lineage Story about Double Migration

9:09 Sharing Rahul’s Grandfathers Story

15:31 What this story meant for Rahul’s self-discovery

19:09 Forgetting the Heritage — A Moment of not being from the US

20:01 Knowing where You come from through music

20:46 The Spirituality of Sitar

22:15 Rahul’s Sitar Improv

22:26 Rahul Playing the Sitar

25:32 Tuning into The Raag & Crossing Genres

28:18 Being an Artist A self-absorbed and selfless endeavor

28:54 Improvising, Self Absorbed Artist

30:02 Funkadesi — We All Belong to one Family

30:45 The CHAI Recipe

34:14 Insistence in Life— Make sure that things are on the table

35:40 Striving for Full Humanity For Everybody

36:42 Insistence — We need this!

38:12 Accountability on Social Media / Repeating the Cycle of the Hurt

38:52 Internal Family Systems — Acknowledging that there are many parts

40:29 Belonging — What have you found in the Band on Belonging?

43:54 A U-Shape vs the Circle — Inviting of the New

43:54 U-Shape vs Circle

46:16 Having many Healers in the Band

47:05 Where are you in the journey of your Self?

48:17 The Multi-Cultural Summit Band Story — A Crazy Adventure of Connection

53:01 Multi-Cultural Drumming for Difficult Dialogues — Domestic Violence Conference

55:55 Health Rhythms by Remote Drums

57:22 Soul Songs — What is the Movement of your Soul Song?

57:51 If you like it, use it!

58:45 Not Just Being Face to Face…

59:46 Make Music Together — And then have Conversations

1:03:21 Embracing Many of Our Parts

1:04:08 Thank you, Rahul, for sharing today

1:04:46 Anything Else to Share?

1:05:28 Rahul Playing the Sitar

1:06:53 Gratitude

1:08:05 Newsletter & Website

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