February 28, 2019

61c: Guided Experiential : Self Forgiveness around Dependency and Judgment

Give yourself some grace! There are tanglings from our childhood and the past where we depend on others to give us our sense of self, safety, worth, value, or lovability. In this experiential, we open up self-forgiveness around judgments where we have felt tied to or dependent on others. This frees us up to have more inner resource and wholeness.

This episode belongs to a parent episode called “Lessons in Self Love : Toxic Ancestors and Family Relationships — EP61”. Please see the link below for that and the other experientials.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:47 Opening

03:05 When we expect others to be different

05:02 Preparations

06:49 Experiential

15:59 Closing

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