January 28, 2019

57: A{Live} Now: Lessons From Horses, Boundaries, and my new Assertive Hat

I’m on a real adventure! Cleaning horse poop and learning how to be a stronger leader within myself and with horses in Ireland. This is the first time I’m living with and tending to four horses on a farm and it’s a huge challenge.

In this episode, I talk candidly about the hardships and the growth that I’m experiencing — the lessons that come with strengthening inner freedom, loneliness and releasing dependencies on familiar comforts and people, how to have clear intentions with big wild animals coming at me, putting on my assertive hat and holding my boundaries and grounding with horses.

I truly want to feel that no circumstance can change my insides and I’m definitely thrown for a loop here, but I’m finding more of myself…

Explore your own personal boundaries and assertiveness with me on this journey!

A Little About A{Live} Now

I’ve found that when I share what’s true in the moment, there is so much ALIVENESS and fullness in me.

That’s why I started the A{Live} Now mini-series, which is within the Embody Podcast. This is the second episode and I intend to share what’s happening in my real life and in my inner world, what’s truly full and alive now.

What’s alive now in me has often been what’s filled the juicy stuff of life: themes, joys, or challenges that others may also be experiencing, a fear and other emotions that bring me to the edge of my fullest expression in the moment.

As you listen, I will also share snippets of how you can support your own heart and soul, know yourself, be your fullest, or heal and love yourself.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:08 Opening: I am in a Different World

02:05 Ireland — Snow, Rain, and Mud

03:18 I Had No Idea What I Was Getting Into…

04:09 Natural Horsemanship: Learning Alongside the Horses

04:46 Northwest Ireland — Making the Space Home

06:31 Releasing My Reliance on Comforts

07:07 Why Did I Come Here? Complete Inner Freedom

08:56 Disruptions With Attachment: Wanting It From the Outside

09:44 Reminding Myself That I Am Alive and Breathing!

10:40 How It’s Been Here — After the Initial Reaction / and Some of the Learning

10:55 Witnessing All 4 Horses and My Teacher (Playing Out Dominance Game)

13:58 Learning to Assert Boundaries Around Horses Makes Me Feel Stronger

16:13 Are You Someone Who Is Moved or Do You Move Others?

19:23 How I Have Been Treating Myself With Acceptance #Lovingmyself

21:02 Working on Being Assertive — Putting a Big Assertive Hat On

23:39 Do You Desire to Be More Assertive?

25:10 I Don’t Do It All Alone

26:00 I Continue On

26:44 Still Getting to Know the Space, the Horses, My Host, and Everything.

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