January 21, 2019

56: Andrew Shkyovsky: Consciousness, Mysticism, and the Direct Perception of Reality

“How much do you value truth?” ~ Andrew Shykovsky

In this episode we talk about Andrew’s experience and teachings as a Christian Mystic and his path towards his spirituality which included an initial negative impression of Christianity, a “grand spiritual buffet” of out of body experiences, crystals, meditation, I-Ching, and inducing other states of consciousness, the desire for love and truth, challenges with being human and a priest, after-death experience, resolving anger to free yourself from imprisonment, how to manifest and create your reality with respect towards the global reality, and What is God, Christ Consciousness, and Consciousness?

Andrew Shykofsky is a Priest and Teacher of Christian Mysticism. He began the Mystical Path in 2004 while living in San Francisco, CA. Andrew was ordained a minister Deacon in Feb. 2006 and then moved from the Bay Area to Chicago to assist in a new Center there. He was ordained a Priest in May 2013. Shortly after his ordination into the Priesthood, Andrew began the Mystical Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois where he provided classes and Services in Christian Mysticism.

The community grew and another minister was ordained to preside over Services. Andrew relocated to Charleston, SC in Jan. 2018. He was ordained a Master Teacher in June 2018. He currently presides at the Mystical Church of Christ in Charleston, SC.

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Show Notes & Timestamps 

00:00 Intro

01:05 Sponsored by My Client Work

03:10 Opening

03:29 Intro to Andrew Shykofsky

04:34 Conversation Opening

05:47 the Quest Towards Truth and Love

07:48 A Prayer for Love

08:25 Andrew’s Path to Becoming a Priest

10:48 Resistance About Christianity & Listening to Each Other

13:53 Discussions About Being a Good Listener

17:15 Awareness & Consciousness Changed (No Longer Angry When People Don’t Listen / A Path to Acceptance)

18:40 Being Aware in Sharing and Listening / the Vulnerable Two Way Connection

20:17 What Is Consciousness for Andrew?

21:51 Rough Edges & Absolute Awareness

24:04 Andrew Asks: Do You Recognize the Discrepancy Between the Intent of People and What They Are Actually Doing?

25:29 Christ Consciousness = Direct Perception of Reality as It Is

30:24 Other Words for Christ Consciousness and the Capital “S” Self

35:21 What’s Your Idea of the Other Side? After Death?

37:36 Debate About “This Is My Last Incarnation” (Coming Back or Not…)

40:32 Doing Things to Help Other People

44:04 Where Are You on Your Journey?

47:29 How Do You Stay in Love With Passive Aggressiveness?

49:21 Disclaimer: Start of Child Molestation Conversation

50:57 Disclaimer: End of Child Molestation Conversation

52:17 Forgiveness Before God and Resolving Conflict

53:03 Liberating Yourself: Resolving Anger Because It Imprisons You

56:52 Rooted in Truth / How Much Do You Value Truth?

57:42 Dirty Water

58:39 What Brings Andrew Alive in the Moment?

01:00:58 Andrew Loves Teaching the Gospel Story

01:03:32 Being Discrete Talking About Christian Things (Finding the Overlap)

01:06:54 Video: Do We Create Reality?

01:08:17 Audience Gift: Half Off Level 1 Meditation Course

01:09:21 Where Can You Find Andrew?

01:09:58 Online Meditation Course

01:10:24 Any Last Words? Don’t Give Up Hope!

01:12:04 Closing

01:13:07 Video: Do We Create Reality?

01:13:37 Audience Gift: Half Off Level 1 Meditation Course in Charleston

01:13:54 Thank You for Being Here

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