January 14, 2019

55: Ritual and Embodiment

Ritual at its best brings us towards a feeling of acknowledgment, embodiment, and honoring of our true selves. It bonds us to our values and our deepest self or brings us to shared humanity, purpose, or meaning. In this episode, I explore how rituals can serve embodiment or disembodiment, examining what rituals we already have in place, the rituals I enjoy and designing your own rituals.

This intro episode is followed by three basic rituals that you can try out and integrate as your own or inspire your own ideas. The experientials are called Space for Self Ritual, Energy and Embodiment Ritual, and a Body Love Ritual. Please enjoy and give yourself space.

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Sponsored by my Dream Class on Skillshare

One of my favorite rituals is to record and harvest the wisdom of my dreams. ⠀⠀ Dreams are constantly revealing yourself to you and each one brings a whole world of embedded knowledge and wisdom, waiting to be seen and bringing you new energies to cultivate in your life, possibility, and connection. It connects us back to parts of ourselves we have hidden or left behind, forgotten about, or disconnected from, to bring us into our wholeness and true power.

If you’re interested in dreaming, I’ve started a series of dream work classesthat will support remembering and harvesting dreams, and there’s much more to come about embodying the energies, wisdom, and messages of your dreams.

This first class is about the basics: unfolding and awakening your dream life so that you can harness the power of dreams, how to cultivate the ability to remember your dreams, creating intentions and ways to record and harvest your dreams. This class is free through the end of Jan.

Receive two free months of a premium Skillshare account with this link. This is an affiliate link and proceeds go towards the podcast production.

Sweet dreams to you…❤

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Show Notes & Timestamps 

00:00 Intro

00:57 Sponsored by the Dream Class One

04:38 Opening: This Is About Rituals

05:23 New Year to Create Ritual

06:44 Future Plans and New Rituals in Daily Life

08:12 What Does “Ritual” Mean to You?

09:22 What Rituals Do You Have and What Are They Doing for You?

10:12 Rituals Can Be Disembodying

10:56 Attention and Awareness in Rituals

11:15 Anything Can Be a Ritual

12:16 Rituals Throughout History

13:09 Greeting Each Other, Meditation, Circumcision, Yoga as a Ritual (Rituals Can Be Healing or Not)

14:57 Rituals in Different Cultures / Trauma Because Something Wasn’t Complete

17:12 Rituals as a Transition Marker

17:47 The Idea of Belonging: Pressure in Groups to Stay in Belonging

19:19 This Happens in Society, in Families, Everywhere

20:03 Experiences With Gender, Differences, Identity

20:20 What Are Your Rituals That You Love? What Are the Ones You Disagree With?

20:40 Story: My Most Beautiful Rituals

21:47 Honoring and Acknowledgement in Family Constellations

22:14 Rituals Around Death and Greave

22:40 Ritual at It’s Best

23:52 Ritual Supports Belonging and Self Expression

25:01 Rituals That I Want to Create

25:37 We Are All Unique Beings

26:24 What to Do Before Creating Your Own Rituals

27:21 Abhyanga Massage as a Ritual

28:33 One of My Rituals: Speak Honestly

29:01 Healing Rituals Are Important for Me

29:29 Work Sessions: Ritual of Opening With Love and Tuning In

30:11 Using My Pendulum as a Ritual

31:03 Ritual Movements: Lotus Mudra

31:40 Ritual of Embodying and Visualization

32:00 Noticing My Surroundings and Recognizing That I Am Safe

32:43 Having Tea With Myself

32:53 New Rituals in Ireland? Building Trust With Horses

33:29 Connecting With My Spirit’s Song and Dance

34:49 Rituals With My Ancestry and Family

36:40 Let’s Connect With What Makes You Feel Joy

39:03 What Rituals Do You Want to Have in Your Life?

39:46 Jim - Purpose of Life Is to Give Meaning

40:57 Following This Episode: Experientials

41:55 Closing Together: Experiential

44:07 More Episodes & Feedback

44:57 Newsletter & Community

45:23 Dream Class

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