January 7, 2019

54: Mia Park on Hope, Ancestor Survival, and Creative Resource

Mia Park is powered by hope and engagement. As a Chicago based multidisciplinary artist, Mia shares her passion for discovery through acting, teaching yoga, writing, playing music, producing events, and volunteering. She is fiercely herself and takes every opportunity to live and experience.

In this episode, we explore Mia’s incredible ancestral story of escaping North Korea, the challenges and joys of acting — being Nurse Beth on the show Chicago Med, the lessons of the self in teaching prenatal yoga in jails, and how women can explore their relationship to being a leader.

This episode is followed by a meditation recorded by Mia Park.

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Sponsored by my Dream Class on Skillshare

It was actually a dream image of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which unfolded into a lifestyle of location-independent living beginning with Thailand, a travel and romantic partner, doing my healing work online and all over the world, and lots of new found inner and outer freedom and empowerment.

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Show Notes & Timestamps 

0:00 Intro

1:05 Sponsored by Dream Class

2:44 Opening — Happy New Year

4:00 Ending the Year Episode

4:23 Experiencing With More Ease

5:45 Introducing Mia Park

7:23 Conversation

7:50 What Are You Not?

9:30 What's Your Story? How Did You Get Here?

10:32 Mia — Always Driven by Hope

11:52 Where Is Mia From — Family and Childhood Trauma?

13:01 Escaping With Creativity

13:36 Growing Up Around Church and a White Bearded Man as a Savior

15:59 Rebellion and Longing for Spirituality

16:27 On Drugs and Moving to Korea Moving Around the World

18:29 I Am Lucky but I Am Also Super Driven

19:59 Mia’s Ancestry Story and Her Real Life

21:02 Japan, Korea, Nagasaki, and the Atomic Bomb

22:48 Starting a New Life in South Korea

23:25 Mother Born and Raised in North Korea and the Escape

24:06 Korean War

25:12 No Coincidences

28:28 Let's Not Talk About It (Elderly Dismiss the Conversation)

29:48 How Does Knowing Your Story Affect You?

30:29 Creative With Resources / Wrapping Gifts With Rice Gift

31:56 Eating Money for Storage and Survival

35:47 The Americans

36:31 Working on Sensitivity in Material Arts

37:58 Ancestry Survivor Sense Is Coming Out of the System / Abuse of Mia’s Body

39:51 The Abuse Tied to the Female Lineage

40:27 Listening to What Little Mia Needs

42:24 Connecting Hip Pain and Surgeries to the Ancestry

45:16 What's It Like to Teach Yoga in Jails?

47:17 What's the Lesson With Nurse Beth (Character of Tv Show)?

50:52 How Can Women Step Into Their Own Leadership?

55:41 Outro

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