May 11, 2020

52: Parts Work: Embrace the Many Parts of You

This episode is a rerun of a previous episode on The Embody Podcast while I am on a short restorative hiatus.

This episode is about how to sort out your inner chatter and reactive patterns with Parts Work. If you’ve seen the movie Inside Out, you’ve gotten a simplified taste of how your inner world may look. With many parts of us talking and acting at different times, it’s helpful to know their motives, fears, desires, agendas, purpose, and function in your inner dynamic.

Explore and embrace the parts of yourself so you can feel clarity and deeper awareness, heal the wounded or diminished parts, know what part of yourself is acting in various situations, and lead from your Self - from aligned intention. The idea that we have everything within us to heal can be easily accessed with Voice Dialogue as we open up inner gifts, wisdom, and strengths while healing wounds within.

Enjoy guided healing experiences that will walk you through dialoguing with and embodying the parts of yourself.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:49 Sponsored by my Skillshare Dream Classes

2:26 Opening EP53

3:15 Holiday Check in — How Are You Feeling?

4:03 A Morning Experience of Discomfort and Loving Myself

5:21 Parts Work — Teenage Self

7:35 Dialoguing With My Teenage Self

9:01 Survival Mode

9:49 Giving Support From My Present Self

11:25 Connecting the Story to Parts Work

12:22 Diving Into Parts Work

12:37 Internal Family Systems

12:57 Voice Dialoging

13:47 I Like to Bring in the Body

14:30 We Have Many Different Inner Parts

17:43 Inside Out — Movie

18:46 Think Yourself Into a Situation

18:46 Mini Experiential

19:43 One of My Easiest Ways to Work With Inner Parts (What Age and Is It Me?)

21:49 Other Kinds of Parts

22:34 Parental / Family Parts

23:54 Creatures, Animals, and Energy Blobs

24:27 No Getting Rid of Parts

25:23 Abandonment & Pushing Parts Aside

26:00 Outer and Inner World Weaves / Parts’ Desires

27:28 Fun Exploring

29:14 Acknowledgment for All Parts: A Team

30:17 Story: “Life Is So Hard”

33:39 How We Can Use Parts Work in Relationships

35:25 Exploring Your Own Relationships

37:05 Spotting Different Parts Reacting

38:17 Interviewing the Parts

42:55 Parts Work Is Perfect for Analysts

43:25 “Who Is Lost?” Parts Work Shifts and Heals the System

45:02 Activity — Start Slowing an Interaction Down

46:04 Naming Parts Can Be Magical

47:53 Activity Mapping Out Your Inner Self

49:57 Working — With the Mapped Version of You

50:16 Using All the Resources of the Many Parts of You - Everything Within

52:00 The Experientials in This Segment - 2 Coming Up

54:34 Outro

55:24 Let’s Feel Your Being

57:41 Closing Invitation

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