March 16, 2020

44: You Could Not Be More Worthy

This episode is a rerun of a previous episode on The Embody Podcast while I am on a short restorative hiatus.

We are born worthy. Where have we forgotten?

I invite you into the energy of this episode as a download of self-worthiness — a reminder of the truth of you — to awaken your knowing!

It’s a given you are enough and worthy of love, prosperity, joy, and all that you desire. It’s what you’re made for.

Sit back with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket and breathe this episode in.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:46 Sponsored by my Dream Classes

3:34 Intro of Rerun Episode

3:47 Listener Feedback about the Anger Podcast Episode

7:51 Updates (where I am, what I am doing, and the inner healing of self worth)

8:51 Questioning Self Worth / Seeing the Signals

10:19 This Episode is like a Download of Energy

11:18 Beginning of the Download

13:09 You are Worthy of Your Existence

14:28 We needed Mirroring (as children)

16:34 Are you worthy of Abundance?

17:35 Your Inner Being Knows

18:25 You can not be more worthy

19:13 Tied up in other people’s ideas

20:55 We can’t ignore

22:04 We are made to experience Pleasure

23:50 You are worthy of Optimal Health & Energy

24:32 You can not be more worthy

25:14 When you are not in your Joy, Pleasure, or Alignment

26:40 Loving by Acknowledging Ourselves

28:40 Everybody is in Their Right Place

30:10 Our Belief are sending mixed messages

31:45 What are the Mixed Messages?

33:16 How to feel into your own worthiness

35:01 What if you imagine all the people you feel are worthy?

37:49 Coming to the end — You Can Not be More Worthy!

38:46 Thank You ❤ and Ending Music

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