May 23, 2022

190: When Affirmations or “Letting It Go” Doesn’t Work? Momentum and Density

When you can’t just “let it go”, or when you know you want to change but you just can’t get there, when affirmations don’t seem to work… what is behind it? Why?? In this episode, I talk about how to bring compassion in with understanding the spectrum of momentum and density of energy at play.

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Enjoy this culmination of many ancient and modern traditions including Somatic Experiencing, yoga tantra, Ayurveda, spiritual and energetic practices, scientifically-informed and embodied healing techniques, Chinese Medicine, and Family & Systemic Constellations.

🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:15 Opening
03:30 Lessons in Acceptance
04:41 Full on Gardening Mode
05:17 My Voiceover Work and Tongue Twisters
06:47 Main Topic: Momentum and Density
08:08 Working on my Romantic Relationships
09:35 Why is it hard to let something go?
10:18 Momentum
15:03 Enjoing all the time?
16:08 Where in your life do you recognize Momentum?
18:23 Density
19:55 The Importance of Acceptance vs Identification
23:37 Watching my Healing and Shifting into Wholeness
26:12 About Gardening: Bambooing
29:59 The Sound Sleep Alchemy Album

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