March 1, 2022

182: [Reverie] : Sound Healing – Upon the news of Ukraine Being Invaded

When I found out that Russia invaded Ukraine, I felt grief, pain, and a desperate desolation and longing.

This is a sound healing and transmission using my voice to get in touch with and allow those feelings to flow. If the news has touched you or if you are having any emotions in your life, I encourage you to let it come forward. This was my way to honor what was coming through me. I am imagining light around all those impacted.

About [reverie] on The Embody Podcast: Spiritual Succulents

The sweetness, agony, delight, joy, freshness, and fullness of what is — This is Beauty. Here is my ongoing attempt to embrace the All — all that is — including the depths of the unseen yet known, in a Life of Beauty.

[Reverie] emerges as a creative outlet for pieces of me, experiments, parts of process, artistry, in any form that honors or interacts with Being. Conversations with the pulse of Life itself… with Beauty. They are gifts from Life to me and to you if it is for you to hear.

As a play with the dimensions of Being, I invite you to listen as if you are speaking and all the same, as I am speaking. Without pressure to make sense but to let what wants to flow into any part of your being do so freely — to get LOST.

Enjoy in your own way.

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