February 21, 2022

181: Healing My Preoccupation With Money

I thought I had gotten to a peaceful place in my relationship with money and abundance… and this nagging feeling kept staying with me. I felt a part of me was preoccupied with gaining lots of money — but why? Where was it coming from? Find out in this episode what revealed itself and how I came back to a peaceful place of inner power and freedom.

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🎧 Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
1:37 Opening
3:32 Money Will Support Me
4:03 The Ancestry and Money
5:01 Do I need to make A LOT of Money?
5:59 Am I respected if I don’t make a lot of money?
7:35 Gardening & Listening to the Mushrooms Sing
9:06 My House and the Coming of Money
11:50 The Energy of Money isn’t spent, it’s converted!
13:24 What do you think about this? And how to shift your views about Money
16:15 Contact me & learn more about my new book

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