January 17, 2022

178: Creating vs Reacting

With this story on looking deeper at what was living underneath my desires, I explore what creation truly is! Get clear on when you’re reacting and living from the past and when you’re truly creating your experience from present day sovereignty.

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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:14 New Year New House
05:19 A Lie Came Up!
11:10 Topic of This Episode: Creating vs Reacting
12:09 A Description of My Surroundings Around the House
13:08 Can I Choose My Emotions?
18:13 What I Mean with Trauma in This Context
19:05 I Had to Face My Trauma
20:19 The New Year Energy of Creating
22:46 What the Creation Feels Like
25:49 Exercise in Coming Back to the Good
26:40 Creating: An Invitation
27:57 One More Thought: Does It Serve Me?
30:33 Outro + Upcoming Podcast Birthday

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