November 15, 2021

174: A{Live} Now: Messages From My Colon, Filtering, & Letting Go With Ease

My life has changed tremendously in the last three weeks - who knew colon hydrotherapy could catalyze such huge life shifts! In this Ep: What my colon has shared with me, rehydrating my colon, and some big news. I can LET GO with ease, feel lighter and more joy, filter and digest.

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There will be many talks/workshops grounded in embodied mindfulness and bring the body into the creative language experience.
The goal of this gathering is to showcase the role of our bodies in language acquisition and self-expression.
Unrestrained Creativity.
Bodily experience.
Three days of bodyfulness, mindfulness and creative verbal experience.
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🎧 Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
1:13 Cleansing My Colon
4:50 My Life is Completely Changing
7:31 Effects on Dating & My Reaction to Things
17:20 Learning to Let the Past Be in the Past
18:33 Exploring Emotional Risk
21:25 A Calling to Figure Out What I Truly Desire
22:52 It’s Ok to Not Know What Your Intuition is Telling You.
28:25 Conclusion
30:09 The Embodied Word Gathering

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