October 25, 2021

172: Extract and Receive Love in All its Forms

Wouldn’t it be great if we could receive love in all the forms it actually comes in, not just the way that we imagine it or feel it should be?

For a long time, I could not experience love from my father - in this episode, I talk about how I plugged into the love that is and was already there and receiving Life as it came to me.

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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:41 How is Your Season Transition Going?
02:32 A Shift in my Eating and Connections
06:20 Let’s Connect in this Moment
06:49 The Main Topic: Being Open to Receiving Love
07:21 Episodes about Untangling Energies
09:10 What this Episode is About
09:22 Looking at my Parents & Love
14:33 The Love of My Father
17:48 Understanding Love and Take the Caring
18:50 A Dating Story: Can I feel loved when I am being Criticized?
21:32 The 5 Love Languages
24:29 Quote by Steven Housner: Healing the Needs of the Inner Child
28:03 Seeing our Parents as a Ancestral System
29:36 Looking at Your Life
31:24 Outro

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