June 7, 2021

160: A{Live} Now: Shake it Up with New Things, Appreciating Contrast

A bit here on the new things I’m trying and putting myself out there with! How contrast and discomfort are a marker of what you desire making its way to you, and the imperfections and stumbles that make life so enjoyable.

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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:24 Welcome
02:07 A Glass of Water
03:52 A Friend Moving Away
05:59 Volleyball, Open Mic, and Singing
07:53 Sponsor: Feed Your Wild Voice Program
09:54 Imperfections of Life
10:53 What We Desire Forms
16:01 Declaring what you Desire
18:44 Letting a Soulmate go
25:02 Difficult can lead to Easy and Good
27:04 I Support You ❤️
29:09 Outro

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