April 19, 2021

154: A{Live} Now: Holding a Vision: Safety, Relating, and Regeneration after Ego Death

Existential Death and Renewal, how horses have taught me to hold my vision of the love and partnership I desire, embodying more safety and wholeness, the underlying beliefs of violence, oppression, victimhood, and power abuse… How it all connects with BDS*M, and the past lives in which I’ve been the oppressor: All in this episode!

…and why I believe we’ve all been the killer before.

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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:42 The Month of my Birthday
04:22 As I get Clearer… everything starts Percolating
08:24 Feeling Big Emotions — Consciousness is coming through ourselves
11:45 Seeing and Experiencing Confidence with Horses
15:27 A Story about a Bear Mom and her Kids
17:22 Reassurance that there is Safety in this World
18:33 Realizing I was the Perpetrator in another life
21:44 Finding your Safety on the Inside
25:50 Releasing the Unsafe and Building Safety
27:46 Working with Forgiving Yourself
29:00 Using BDSM as a Space for Safety
31:45 I am ready to be cherished
32:31 Questions for You my lovely Listeners 🌸
34:41 Outro

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