March 8, 2021

151: Your Natural Voice: Speaking, Sounding, Singing Bare & Beautiful

To be in your bare, beautiful and natural voice is to love yourself.

Your expression of sound, speaking, and singing is most resonant when it has a solid connection to your inner experience.

This episode brings forward the simple but intimate conversation of your relationship with your own voice and sound.

Explore a handful of tips to play with and expand the range of your sound, getting comfortable with more of yourself.

What masks and layers, polishing or dressing have you put on your own voice and expression?

Time to get naked and intimate.


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🎧 Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
01:12 Getting into Archery
04:25 Playing with Young Horses
07:50 Opening: Your Natural Voice
12:23 Where is your Voice coming from?
14:33 The Effect Language has on our Voice
17:28 Connecting with your Resonance
21:20 Exploring the Sound of Aum
25:08 When we make Sound we Create
26:28 You Sound More Authentic when You are Connected
29:20 Is what is Said True?
32:44 Can we be playful?
34:25 Workshop Experience with Nessi Gomes
35:51 Tips for Exploring your Voice and Sound
40:55 Connecting with your Soul Song
41:56 The Related Experiential
42:59 My Questions for your Today
43:57 Outro & Gratitude

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