February 15, 2021

148: Healing Grief: Meet Yourself Deeply

Grief: our a portal to the essentials of your soul — what you love(d), long(ed) for, and desire. It brings forth, sometimes in tsunamis, echoes of your heart.

In this Episode: 8+ tools on how to heal and deeply meet your grief, 8+ tools on how to heal and deeply meet your grief with your body’s wisdom, whether unnamable or unidentifiable grief, death or loss of a loved one or situation, ending or separation, from healing past traumas, shadow work and desires unmet. I also address two myths: time heals and grief never ends

These tools offer support for your body and nervous system to metabolize these experiences in a way that allows you to integrate, feel more complete, and come to know yourself on a deep level.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:08 Pre-Podcast Environment Scan

01:51 Topic of This Episode: Meeting Grief

02:59 Be Gentle: Your Body Knows Your Grief Threshold

04:36 Layers of Grief and Your Context

08:54 Sponsored: Head/Heart Conversations With Sarah Buino

12:05 Feeling Relief When I Connect

13:06 Why Grief?

13:54 The Grief of 2020

15:17 Grief of Past Experiences

16:20 The Grief of Expectations

20:09 Myths About Grief: Grief Never Ends

23:40 Myths About Grief: Time Heals

27:10 Moving Through Grief: Tools You Can Use

30:26 Tool: Be With Grief, Body, and Somatic

35:19 Tool: Can You Get Support From Someone?

36:19 Tool: Connect With What You Lost

41:28 Tool: Talk to the Person or Situation You Lost

43:35 Tool: Voice Dialogue With the Grief

45:28 Tool: Look at the Things You Wished for With the Person or Situation

50:32 A Few More Tools

52:55 Carrying My Grief and Living Through

55:06 Be Gentle With Yourself ❤

56:37 Connect With Me for Healing Work

57:19 Gratitude & Connection

58:22 Outro: Know Your Grief

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