December 28, 2020

144: 9 Reminders for Your Heart and Spirit

Empower yourself into the new year with these as love letters to your heart and spirit!

Here’s a compilation of the top 9 reminders that I’ve found myself and my clients needing to hear this year touching on:

When you feel like you’re falling back into old ways Lost a sense of inner knowing Feeling uncertain or stuck That life can be easy The Ego serves Spirit Fighting time/not enough time Being pleasure-worthy Bringing in Beauty Taking life in bite sizes Everything is transformable Healing isn’t everything Change from the inside

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:12 Opening

03:19 Reminder 1: Falling Back Into Old Ways

08:26 Reminder 2: Usher In Beauty

11:23 Reminder 3: Everything is Changeable

15:16 Reminder 4: There is Timelessness

22:33 Reminder 5: The Ego Serves

28:30 Reminder 6: Your Spirit Knows

32:38 Reminder 7: Take Things Bite-Sized & Celebrate

34:55 Reminder 8: Change Happens on the Inside

40:58 Reminder 9: Healing is Not Everything

43:43 Stepping into 2021 and the Unknown

44:33 Outro and other Episodes

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