December 14, 2020

142: Awakening + Ego Death: Lie Down as Dead, Meditation by Osho

Like being naked - a tree with the leaves gone. Loss and grief… waiting in the in-between, the void.

The place where things are born.

I had forgotten what it was like to have the intensity of expansion break my body and shadow world into pieces that demanded to be seen – I felt like I was dying inside. The aloneness - that in some ways (not all!), you must go this journey alone.

Until - I read an excerpt from Osho reminding me of what an ego-death experience feels like, and that this is a very human experience!

“Enraged in Wrath, Lie Down as Dead.” ~Osho

Tune into this episode where I read Osho’s meditation as a guided experience, along with another piece of his writing that offered me soothing and awareness.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:22 Top 100 Self Love Podcasts

2:19 The Ally With Death Experiential

4:06 An Intense Ending

6:06 Rediscovering The Book of Secrets by Osho

8:41 Shedding Connections and Let the Ego Die

8:53 Experiential Introduction

10:36 The Experiential: Lie Down as Dead as written by Osho

14:54 Sometimes Different is Helpful

17:03 Coming Out of the Experiential

18:28 My Experience With This Experiential

20:27 The Autumn of the Inner Mind — Another Excerpt Reading

27:45 Aloneness is Wholeness

28:34 How This Fits Into Now?

30:18 Outro & Gratitude

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