October 26, 2020

138: The Mind Does Not Compute What Belongs to the Heart

On navigating the unknown, and how the mind does not compute what belongs to the heart’s digestive system, when your feelings might not match your “reality”, why you might feel bad or uncomfortable feelings when wonderful things happen, tips and tools for navigating the unknown and the discomfort of not knowing.

Get comfortable in the not cleaned up, sensing, temperature, fleshy visceral unnamable experience that can be messy but living and breathing : the wilderness of your being.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:41 Where I am in my life… Sledge hammering

2:51 Existential Crisis-ish

4:09 When it’s safer, the uncomfortable comes forward!

5:03 Dropping into the Unknown

7:45 The Mind Does Not Compute What Belongs to the Heart

10:42 The challenge of the not knowing

12:54 Tools that can Help

16:15 Supportive Free Experientials on the Podcast

17:22 Gratitude & Appreciation — Looking for Bazaar things in life

18:17 Ending with a Poem

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