October 12, 2020

137: A{Live} Now: Have You Forgotten You Are Free? Trump, Shadow + Energy

If you have a reaction to Trump (or to Biden), what does that bring forward for you?

How are we just like that which we despise?

How can we harness the energy of what we dispose of or discard instead?

A reality check on our own shadow and a call to come into our own empowerment as we near the 2020 presidential election…

This episode is on sensing into the deeper energies and dynamics of what’s happening in the world and in your life rather than the surface level information, how Trump has perhaps served a purpose in wholeness, and how we can shift from projection to response-ability and harmony through your shadow.

Also a personal sharing about how Trump triggers memories of my childhood father and how a family constellation supported me in balance and healing.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:38 Opening — Context for this Episode

02:43 Is Trump’s Purpose Over?

04:30 Is it Trump or is it in us?

08:09 Trump and how he brings forward the Shadow parts of many

09:06 The change in us reflects externally

12:36 “This world is unfair” ~ Unpacking This

14:16 Outcasting Pieces of Yourself is Violent

16:33 Integrating the Outcast in Ourselves. Harnessing the Energy.

20:21 When I look at Trump I see my father.

26:53 Finding Harmony/Equal Response-Ability in both my parents

33:27 What Trump has given us

34:22 Forgiveness for myself and it helped

35:15 My new Friend: a Red Stilbite Crystal

36:05 Honoring Others on their Journey

37:41 About Existence and Harmony

40:36 Harness the Power of being in Fullness

41:10 We have forgotten our own freedom…

42:18 Sometimes… it has to get so big, it slaps us in the face.

44:18 What are we looking at?

46:15 What do you see?

47:42 Going to a Deeper Level

50:59 Outro

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