October 5, 2020

136: Pleasure, Beauty, and Capacity

Ah, pleasure and Beauty in your life…

What if more things could feel pleasurable or good?

How about feeling aligned and guided in life from inside?

What if you were so present you savored each moment, and even in discomfort, you could extract pleasure from it or experience it differently?

You can have it all. You are worthy of deep and juicy pleasure.

This episode is a primer with six ways to discover and deepen into what pleases you, whether that be simple joys, sexuality, purpose, or sensuality of any kind.

Also: Pleasure is the compass to your essential being, enhancing your capacity to feel, releasing shoulds, digesting pleasure and what might come with it, and the Ability to Respond (Response-Ability) to your Spirit.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:33 Brought to you by Donations

02:08 The expanse of Pleasure

04:30 Previous Episodes about Pleasure

05:46 How to Open Your sense of Pleasure

06:43 Going for What Feels Good — Learning From Horses

08:29 Basing Joy in Shoulds? Is there a truer way?

09:52 Everyone is Worthy of Pleasure and Joy ❤

10:15 Discover your Pleasure — Savor Past Moments

14:02 Unblocking Silent Rules

15:33 Digesting Pleasure — more pleasure, more everything

17:30 The Geography of Sorrow — Denying the Difficult

19:09 Will others Suffer if I Have More Joy?

21:46 Looking for Pleasure in Your Space

22:54 Extracting Good from Everyday Moments

23:48 Ask Yourself: “What would give me Pleasure now?”

24:27 Response-Ability to our Spirit

27:39 Teaching My Mom to Feel More Joy : Is Boredom a Pathway?

29:47 Feeling into my Pleasure & Joy

30:17 Outro

30:35 More Embody Podcast Episodes

30:40 And Meditations & Experientials

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