September 21, 2020

135: Falls and Accidents: Accumulated Nervous System Effects and Renegotiation of Survival Energy

The effects of falls and accidents or other impacts on the physical body can accumulate over time if there was something that the body wanted to do that it didn’t get to.

Especially when it comes to the need to protect yourself where you didn’t get to, the body holds the impulse of that survival energy in its viscera, muscles, and joints.

I’ve seen where accidents from years ago can still have an effect on the body, energy, and emotional state now. Sometimes the body, even if the mind knows differently, doesn’t register that you ARE safe and ok.

In this Episode: Recognize the symptoms of falls and accidents, how accidents and falls can bring up other trauma including relational, attachment, and sexual, and tips to bring your body back into safety and renegotiate these traumas.


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Self-Touch supports healing the nervous system on a deep level.

This episode is sponsored by the Online Touch Workshops that you can access at your own pace and timing.

Supportive self-touch can deepen your capacity to navigate all that you feel, your pleasure, and the ability to heal trauma and be in your body. It can soothe, bring ease, and peace.

I am offering a 2-Part Somatic and Energetic Healing Touch series that gives you 9 basic and simple tools, with how to direct your awareness to enhance your own presence and self-support. Part 2 gives you ways to use your wall to release and complete anger, frustration, and fight responses, as well as strengthen your boundaries and feel that you are supported — that someone’s got your back — and that’s you!

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:16 Update About Me & My Life

02:47 Intro to Accidents and Falls

04:12 Learning About Somatic Experiencing

04:48 One of My Falls in Chicago — Getting Doored

14:28 The Experience on Repeat Falls

18:28 Reintegrating the Accident

20:42 Noticing Symptoms in Your Body

26:34 Recommended Episode

27:05 Working With a Practitioner

28:13 What You Can Do Yourself or With Others

28:48 Time Compressed

30:11 Renegotiating the Trauma — Helping the Body to Digest

30:47 May Bring Up Relational Experiences

31:44 Working With My Left-Side-Falls and Past Life Trauma

34:21 Handling What Comes Up — The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

38:19 What You Can Do to Move Toward Healing

52:13 The Process of Healing — Overview

53:22 Uncovering Old Compressions & Healing Those Too

54:12 Outro

55:07 My Touch Workshop

55:41 Greetings

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