September 14, 2020

134: The Play of Money: Money Does the Tango With Your State of Being

Money dances with you by showing you your state of being live. Neither good nor evil, it neutrally takes on the beliefs of what you believe both consciously and unconsciously and pours it out into your concrete reality, showing you a playful reflection. Money issues may reflect a wound in your soul that desires to be healed.

What’s hidden in your money consciousness?

What have you inherited about money?

In this episode, a chat about the story of money in your psyche, worthiness and value, bringing joy to your relationship with money, and the multidimensional resources you might open to — money being just one of them.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro, Inspiration, and Gratitude

05:18 What Money Reflects

07:25 What is your Relationship with Money?

07:25 Relationship with Money and beliefs

10:48 How Money Can Arrive

13:38 restore Your relationship with Money

15:29 “It’s not Your Money” by Tosha Silver

18:08 Shaping my Experience: Stories Inherited

26:50 The Continual Emergence of the Money Talks

27:39 Recommended Episodes about Money

29:10 An Exchange of Joy

30:23 Let’s Connect

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