September 7, 2020

133: A{Live} Now: Authentic Relating, Co-Dependency, My Wedding, Falls and Freedom

I’m getting married. Ha!

In this Episode, how a No Strings Attached Sexual Relationship Experience and a Mountain Bike fall brought me to a more whole unification, marriage with myself, and more expansive freedom within.

Conscious dating, self-honesty, authentic relating, existential loss, fluidity between polyamory and monogamy, releasing relationships from co-dependency and control and where I’m doing that, and seeing people from a place of harmony and freedom.

The layers of self-discovery and gifts of deep experiencing…

Also, a live Angel Card reading for myself :) that is pretty interesting.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:35 Opening

3:29 Me and Polyamory

4:54 Facebook Dating… No Strings Attached

8:00 Dependency, Co-dependency

12:12 Finding Strings Attached!

14:30 The Wedding Card

17:09 I fell of my Mountain Bike

20:14 The metaphor of the Log Pile Jump

21:37 Wanting Marriage and Poly

22:46 Flow In and out of Relationships

24:50 Returning to My Star Nation Bond

28:35 Authentic Relating — Closing in On What I Want

31:55 Support from a Friend

33:38 Feeling the Larger Trajectory of My Life

34:36 Building Inner Safety

36:40 Live Tarot Card Reading for Me and Maybe You?

38:44 Redefining the Relationship I want

41:48 Update Post-Podcast

42:59 Using Somatic Experiencing to Integrate the Fall

45:38 Everything Flows Once the Path is Cleared

47:18 Stepping Away from a Relationship to Release More Co-dependency

48:12 Outro

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