August 3, 2020

131: How to “Not Take Things Personally” Naturally When Hit With Harshness, Criticism + Gaslighting

“Not taking things personally” can be a tough job being a human with emotions and a body! When criticism, harshness, judgment, lashing out, gaslighting, and other reactions from another person can hit us where it hurts, here are some tools to support healing and resolving where it hurts so it’s not just a forced “tough skin” but an organic neutrality or wholeness that leaves us able to be present to what is.

Work with ways to heal the shadow and allow harmony where others push their shadow parts your way. A deep love for yourself, which is loving for all.

At the very least, to digest the emotions we feel when triggered and to experience separation and boundary that gives us room to breathe, feel safer, and more loved from the inside.

Two experientials follow this episode next week where I guide you through a shift through distance and space, boundary, forgiveness, and separation from dependency, as well as to look towards and heal the part of us that gets wounded.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:24 Opening — Starting My Garden

03:32 Topic Overview

04:07 Healing Share Program

05:29 A Recent Experience

07:09 It’s Incredibly Hard to Not Take Things Personally

09:14 How to Move Through Experiences That Hurt

12:54 Even Strangers Can Hurt or Trigger

13:46 Learning to Harness My Own Energy and Boundary

16:07 Connecting With the Collective Experience

17:31 Being Shaped by Early Life Experience

18:34 Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn

19:07 Pleasing Others is a Tool but Exhausting

21:53 Tools for a Clearer Way

25:36 Clearing Belief Sets Around Codependency

28:46 Looking at the Conversation and Placing What Was Said

32:27 A Few More Tricks

40:38 Thanking the People

41:51 Upcoming Experientials

44:38 Gratitude

45:03 The Embody Newsletter

45:13 Healing Share Program

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