July 27, 2020

130: Anxiety or Energetic Upgrade? Spiritual Emergence, Awakening + Crisis

An energetic upgrade can feel like anxiety! If you’re feeling untethered, nervous, racy, unanchored, and restless, excitable — your nervous system may be overwhelmed but also, you may be receiving an energetic upgrade to your system.

Tune into this episode for a conversation about what an energetic upgrade is and can feel like — as well as questions from a listener about spiritual emergence and crisis, how to build capacity, and what supports ease through intense awakening experiences.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:28 Podcast Feature: Podcast Envy

02:24 Healing Share Sponsorship Program

03:36 Opening: Feeling Into an Experience

05:22 The Energetic Upgrade

08:52 What an Upgrade May Feel Like

12:48 Spiritual Emergence & Crisis

16:52 Expanding Through Spiritual Crisis

18:11 Should I Pendulate or Push Through?

23:21 Is the World Having an Energetic Upgrade?

25:31 When Facing Your Desire, the Blocks Show Themselves

26:24 Know the Tools That Give Safety

27:28 Invitation to Connect

27:58 The Embody Newsletter

28:05 Gratitude

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