July 20, 2020

129: a{Live} Now: The Unexpected in Worthlessness + The Energy Under Opposition

Following the feelings behind worthlessness, I wanted to disappear and dissolve.

In a good way!

How could that be?

Find out in this unexpected experience of dissolution and getting lost what I recovered for myself in terms of my own right to my life.

Also in this episode, thoughts on how our existences can be in harmony, how polarity and opposition are part of a dynamic that emerges from the same underlying energies and finding the neutral, eventually.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:35 Opening — I Want to Dissolve

3:43 Asking My Body Questions

6:28 Shedding a Layer of Existence

7:19 True Harmony — Intention & Connection

8:49 Both Sides Are Part of the Polarity

11:25 My Takeaway

12:40 Why I Wanted to Share This

13:44 Opposition Creates the Same Energy

17:22 Can We Find the Neutral in-Between?

17:55 Outro

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