July 13, 2020

128: A{Live} Now: When Discomfort Ripens, Calibrate Pleasure + Systemic Intergenerational Trauma

Destruction, dismantling, burning things up. A quiet clearing, despair, grieving, integration, dust settling. Looking. When it’s time to create anew and there’s space for sweet tendrils and sprouts, what do you align, anchor, or calibrate to? For me it’s pleasure in a deep and whole way, yet sweet and joyful.

In this episode, I talk about the ripening of difficult feelings in uncomfortable situations, respecting yourself and seeing the spiritual agenda, and some recent experiences that triggered some Chinese American ancestral dynamics. And that I’m home in Michigan and what I’m doing here now!


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Supportive self-touch can deepen your capacity to navigate all that you feel, your pleasure, and the ability to heal trauma and be in your body. It can soothe, bring ease, and peace.

I am offering a 2-Part Somatic and Energetic Healing Touch series that gives you 9 basic and simple tools, with how to direct your awareness to enhance your presence and self-support. Part 2 gives you ways to use your wall to release and complete anger, frustration, and fight responses, as well as strengthen your boundaries and feel that you are supported — that someone’s got your back — and that’s you!

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

0:55 Opening: My Experience With My Own Reverie Episodes

2:21 Rough Past Few Weeks for a Greater Purpose

5:22 What Happened in California

8:07 How Are You Doing?

9:45 Being With the Discomfort

11:48 Giving Too Much? Where is This Feeling Coming From?

14:45 The Systemic Trauma Experience of the Now

16:04 What Should I Do?

18:57 What Do You Crave?

23:11 Restarting: About a Funny Friends Episode and Push Starting My Car

28:31 Little Things That Make Me Very Happy

31:24 Astrology — Mercury Retrograde

32:23 Invitation for You

34:09 The Touch Video Workshop

35:43 Outro

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