July 6, 2020

127: [reverie]: A Verse from the Ocean — Get Lost Into Love and The Shape of Now

Tentative and tender — quivery and sweet.

Get lost into love, get lost from the roadmap.

Everything is a nudge, back to home, to yourself.

Life exists as you. Play. Whales, the pulse of the Ocean.

This [reverie] episode is a channeled message from from the Ocean — While it is spoken through me, they may be your words too.

You exist here and inherently belong. It’s a given.

Do I let myself change? Do I really let the guards come down?

I want to be simply and naturally who I am.

Your most important shape is the shape of now.

Being in Delight.

The way of true being.

Get swept away by Life. The Sweetness.

That which we already are.

I invite you to journey and to take it in as an energetic download — to reveal pieces of yourself, to stir, shake, heal or hug you into yourSelf, into Love. A spiritual succulent like a yummy probiotic: a bit of Candy for the soul.


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