June 15, 2020

124: Experiential: Response-Ability + Liberation: Unveil Your Body’s Reaction to Race + Difference

Inner freedom supports freedom for ALL.

In this episode: a Conversation about the Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper video, the way my body expressed reactions and perceptions towards Black people, and an experiential here for you to open your own body-based exploration around people who are different from you.

It is your body that holds reactions and unconscious sentiments towards others that contribute to racism.

No matter who you are, black, brown, white, yellow, and every person in between — going deeper means looking at your body’s reactions. Along with any actions that your heart feels called to, if you want freedom for those you love and care about — for Black people, for all people — hold space for what is held in your own body and digest it.

If you don’t involve your own body in healing racism or in anti-racism, or in supporting BLM or another race movement, it has a risk to be only be performative, not go deep enough, or to perpetuate the underlying dynamics.

This experiential is an invitation to use systemic constellations and embodied witnessing to look at what may be living in your body that contributes (probably unknowingly) to systemic racism.

I invite you to be gentle and honest with yourself and open to what your body’s experience is of the “other” or someone you perceive as different. This is where racism can be healed.

When you heal your body’s experience and the unconscious lived experience, the world around changes.

Build your ability to respond to your own reactions and to respond in the world instead of react — your Response-ability.

This is inner freedom. Inner freedom supports freedom for ALL.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:22 Opening

02:50 It’s in Your Body!

04:18 Your Respons-Ability to Heal

04:44 Seeing a Trauma Response

09:18 About This Experiential

11:54 This is for Everyone

13:26 Noticing Projections and Reactions

19:12 The Experiential

29:24 Outro

30:25 Upcoming Episodes

32:18 Share Your Experience

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