May 18, 2020

121: a{Live} now: Belonging to the Stars: Re-Membering Who I Am

Have you felt like you don’t belong here?

Some intense feelings of grief and existential aloneness led me to finding more of myself: my multidimensional being and a family in the star system. I have mentioned it before, but this time, it demanded a greater attention and acceptance. This time, I felt a huge loss of having left my spiritual family somewhere out there.

If this story interests you or you’re finding yourself on this journey, tune in to this unraveling of an extension of my being, another place I found belonging, resource, and freedom, how my judgments had blocked my intuition, knowing, and peace in my body.

A continuation of the Deep Mystery of Life: Embracing What Logic Cannot Explain Part 1 and Part 2.


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Show Notes

00:00 Hello

01:30 Present Observations and Realizing

05:44 Where am I from?

08:33 Finding Star-Seed

10:30 Feeling the Human Experience

12:14 It’s About Loving My Being on the Journey

13:14 Are You From Star Nation or Multidimensional

15:36 We are all ONE

16:08 What Came After the Realizing

17:16 I Feel More Connected and Open Now

18:14 Tuning Into Questions for You

19:39 It Helps to Know this other Part of my Belonging

21:54 A Big Virtual Hug

22:16 Support the Podcast — Thank You

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