May 25, 2020

122: Align to Pleasure + Prajña

When the structures of your previous ways of being dismantle and crumble — what do you calibrate to?

Pleasure! What is for you is coded into your vibrational blueprint through pleasure.

In this episode, use pleasure as your compass and embody complete action: prajña (PRAH-gee-ah).

Heal the cycles of constant doing in order “to have and be happy” — come into being and vibrational clarity — creating from a place that is complete unto itself and likely brings gifts beyond fathomable because they are so in line with who you are, and given in your place here.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:56 Special Announcement

02:35 Group Healing Sessions

03:15 Opening

03:45 Shoutout: Listener Jeanne

03:59 What is Pragña??

06:12 It’s not your money - Book Quote

10:10 An Earthquake in my Body

11:45 The Delight of Foals

12:33 Being Close to the Ocean - the waves of unlearning

13:26 Seeing The Shifts through Covid19

14:22 Ancestral Knowledge for the Now

17:31 What gives you pleasure?

18:35 Our State of Being - An alternative to “Doing, Having, and then Being”

24:06 The Key is Connecting with Pleasure

26:01 The Trauma Vortex - Peter Levine

26:50 Start by Feeling in Your Day to Day

33:29 The More I Follow Pleasure the More it Grows

35:27 Where is Pleasure? What if Pleasure Were Your Compass?

35:57 Outro

36:16 The Embody Newsletter

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