May 4, 2020

120: Restore Inner Harmony: Guided Experiential: Heal Self-Exploitation With Self-Forgiveness

Do you wish to reside in deep harmony and ease with yourself — The place of fertile ground for creative action, contentment, and self-love?

Where do you exploit or override your body’s or inner messages — what is the price you pay?

Do you push and pressure yourself to exhaustion or drain?

In this guided experience, we will restore gentleness and respect to the body and align to pleasure as an inner compass. We work with self-forgiveness for judgments on yourself — ways you’ve exploited yourself, ways you put too much pressure, feeling not enough, and overriding your body’s needs and desires.


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Show Notes

00:00 Where can we find harmony?

04:49 Energetic Download Meditation

05:35 Brought to you by my Dreamwork Skillshare Classes

05:58 Tuning in for the Meditation

17:49 Outro

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