April 27, 2020

119: Transform Addictions and Cravings Into Presence and Freedom

Navigate your cravings and addictions to loosen up their intensity and bring healing in this somatic experiential. In this time of Covid19, there are many things we cannot have or do. We may be stripped to see ourselves bare in some ways.

With cravings and addictions, we have a keyhole into knowing what it is that lives under the surface that drives these actions and ways of coping. It is also the opening for more empowerment and self-love.

Food addictions and cravings, substances, activities, connections, and relationships — depending on how and from which place of ourselves we reach for these may be a dependency or a way to protect ourselves from discomfort.

Note: There’s nothing wrong with how you have adapted as your addictions may have their own wisdom, though you may want to find greater freedom and depth of self-knowing.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:08 Brought to you by the Ally with Death Experiential

02:43 Opening

04:24 Guest Mention — Jill Massura

05:24 Acknowledging the Wisdom of the Addiction

09:21 Noticing the Need

14:01 Experiential

14:31 Experiential Opening

26:43 Outro

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27:07 Meditations Database

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