April 13, 2020

117: Build Your Inner Response System, Knowing and Intuition: Blind Constellation Experiential

In this guided experiential, develop your relationship to your inner knowing and intuition — strengthen the muscles of your heart, inner attunement, and body wisdom. I lead you through a Blind Constellation of tuning into three pieces of your life so that you can clarify and fortify your relationship with your many inner messaging systems.

It’s so essential to follow what is true to you — and it feels increasingly important in times of uncertainty and unknown. It is vital to loving yourself to do what’s for you to do, and not what you feel you “should” or was part of a past plan. Alignment in the present requires trust in your body’s response system as well as understand where your capacity is in terms of what parts of this response system is disconnected or has static (trauma, unconscious or unintegrated aspects of yourself). Also, a brief exploration about fears and resistances to inner trust.

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:50 Sponsored by: Special Offer: Ayurveda Living in Quarantine

5:03 Trusting & Developing your Intuition

11:56 Supporting our Internal Communication System

13:41 Starting to Play with your Senses

15:48 Fear Dissolves in a place of Trust

17:47 Experiential: Blind Constellation

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