March 30, 2020

115: The Great Mystery Continues with Coronavirus: Presence, Resilience, Alignment

We are in an extraordinary time — where drastic insight and awareness can be accelerated. Take this opportunity to be present with your lived experience. In this Episode: my thoughts on what to do with all you are experiencing with Coronavirus / Covid–19, the Mystery of Life, Ocean, and your ancestors probably did it too — draw upon their medicine and strength.

Brought to you from the Ocean and the great Mystery that the Ocean carries…on the Mexican coast — I chose to stay while the US — Mexican border closed to “non-essential travel.” Let’s see what this journey brings…Plus resourcing yourself Beauty and being alive, and a brief guided experience to touch into what is aligned for you now.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:11 What Happens When I Surrender?

02:50 The Beginning of the Coronavirus Crisis.

04:28 Where I Am and What You Are Hearing in the Background

05:50 What an Extraordinary Time…

10:18 The Messages We Have in Our Ancestry

13:45 Look Your Experience in the Face — Together

19:33 Shoutout to the People in Healthcare and Parents…

20:17 More Resources for This Special Time

21:20 Closing With an Anecdote

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