February 24, 2020

112: Dare to See Yourself with Liz LaForce

“Everything Inside of You Has a Right to Be There” ~ Liz LaForce

Liz transmits a purity in her energy that brings me so much ease! In this episode, she talks about how to close the gap between your knowing and the here and now, the process to experiencing yourself and the Process to Self, and playfulness. She touches on working with authenticity through playful techniques including dance, art, and voice. How in the voice, you can hear where you are in your body. Liz talks about how she is letting her “form come” as she moves through unknowing and identity crisis and encourages bringing love towards all the pieces of yourself.

Liz had a major turning point in her life at the age of 24. It was the beginning of a totally new life(style) in which her talent by birth to connect with the intangible reopened and started to blossom. She studied with a spiritual master, traveled the world, took classes and sessions on spiritual and personal growth for many years. But mostly learned by tuning into her inner guidance and life itself.

She has guided and taught others towards their path for 25 years now as a life coach and personal development trainer. She has been a teacher at the ICM coaching program and lived and worked on Ibiza for 4 years, giving 1 on 1 and group transformational retreats.

Nowadays she is based in the Netherlands, her home country. Working globally. Combining her background in business economics, and spirituality to guide business leaders and entrepreneurs back into their core through compassion, connection, and communication.


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Show Notes

1:02 Sponsored: The Ally With Death Audio Experiential

1:55 Opening — Travel Update

3:51 Introducing Liz

5:24 Conversation Start — Being Called Back to the Netherlands

7:01 Candice’s Last Calling of Where to Be

8:15 When the Calling is Clear, Even if You Think: Really?

9:15 How to Close the Gap Between the Knowing and the Here and Now

10:21 Experiencing Being Yourself — the Process to Self

13:26 Learning to Be More Playful

14:36 What Should We Talk About? What is Alive Right Now?

16:14 The Value of Being Home

16:32 The Becoming of Liz — Quitting, Selling, Travel, and Arriving in Ibiza

22:03 How to Be in Flow With Alignment

24:55 Why Do You Think Unknowing Can Be So Scary?

28:30 I Needed to Know… Now I Am Ok Not Knowing ~ Liz

32:34 Do You Find It a Struggle?

35:34 You Can’t Skip a Part of the Journey. It All Needs to Happen.

37:55 Inner Child Work and Rewriting the Program

40:09 When You Can Stop but Are Addicted to the Healing Work

41:53 Working With Authenticity: Playful Techniques From Dance to Singing

44:00 The Voice: Hearing Where People Are in Their Body

46:12 Everything Inside of You Has a Right to Be There ~ Liz

49:40 Liz’s Experiential

50:23 Anything Else?

51:44 Where You Can Find Liz

52:32 Outro & Liz’s Active Experiential

53:25 What’s Coming…

53:40 The Embody Newsletter

53:58 Thank You

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