February 17, 2020

111: Proprioceptive Writing: Your Words Carry Your Embodied Experience

Reveal the corners and folds of your soul, what wants to be heard from inside, the wisdom and connection that brings you more fully into YOU. I feel awakened and more vibrantly in my body through a recent Proprioceptive Writing Retreat and I wanted to share this helpful tool with all of you.

Proprioceptive Writing is a process of inner listening, observing and writing down what you hear, as well as asking one essential question with words that have more vibrancy to you. The words we use carry this knowledge: we are moving and emitting information constantly. The unconscious experience living in our bones and cells has a space to come forward, bringing a new dimension to shadow work, knowing yourself, and body awareness.

With this process, you can reveal truths to yourself, excavate wisdom that is already living within you, and allow unconscious aspects to come forward into consciousness and healing.

Also in this episode are updates about my travel in Mexico, the sounds — complete with some beautiful soundscapes and guitar playing by Juan Ignacio Rodriguez and Zamboprieto, food, and music that are bringing my soul alive and holding me in through another spiritual emergence/crisis and dismantling of parts of me.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:11 Sponsored: Free Skillshare Dream Class by Candice Wu

1:53 Opening — Travel Update

3:16 The Soundscape of Mexico

8:25 My Soul is Coming Alive

9:08 Another Spiritual Crisis

11:00 Listening in and Aligning Together

12:01 Main Topic: Proprioceptive Writing

13:51 What is Proprioceptive Writing?

18:08 The Hard Part…

19:10 A Great Effect: More Aware of Words

19:39 Looking Into Every Corner

20:51 The Process of Proprioceptive Writing

25:04 Writing With Both Hands

26:17 Writing With Family & Friends

28:29 Excerpts of My Experience

38:27 When Things Feel Hard to Talk About

39:18 Recommendation About Trying It Out

40:41 Next Travels and Surrender

42:00 Outro & Gratitude

42:23 The Embody Newsletter

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