February 10, 2020

110: Relationship Cleanse : Honor, Reset, Close, and Renew

Get clear with your relationships! Cleanse, reset, end, restore, honor, thank, and give each relationship its place. When we speak truth about a relationship as it was or is, it has a chance to be at peace and unburdened by what’s unintegrated or unsaid. The relationship’s meaning can be known more fully, even if we only acknowledge it within our own imagination and body.

This episode and the following experiential is for current relationships both pleasant and conflictual, past meaningful relationships of all kinds, and especially that person you just can’t get out of your mind or psyche.

Cutting someone out of your life may not give you everything you need to integrate and move forward — how you relate to what they meant to you and all the unconscious associations that are underlaid within this complex system of experience and body memory that is our existence is what lives on — unless the truth is acknowledged.

I also share a brief update about my travels to Mexico and a recent new tool that has been very powerful for me in stepping into a fuller self and self-love: Proprioceptive Writing.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:05 Sponsored: Free Dream Class on Skillshare

02:22 Opening & Travel Update

04:00 Proprioceptive Writing Retreat

05:41 Let the Soft Animal of Your Body Love What It Loves

08:25 Main Topic: Cleansing Our Relationships

09:09 When a Past Relationship Is Still Tugging on You

13:57 Say Good-Bye to Who You Were…

15:08 Death Is a Good Indicator

15:59 Horses and How They Are Present

17:36 How We Can Digest

19:33 There Is an Experiential — EP110a

22:26 Speaking of Death: The Ally With Death Audio Experiential

22:56 Other Related Episodes

24:08 The Embody Newsletter

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