February 3, 2020

109: Solo Female Travel: Deconstructing Fear, Trusting Your Body, Practical Tips, My Next Adventures

I am compelled to follow my sensuality, surrender, and play — doing so leads me to Mexico! Listen in on deconstructing fears, society’s undermining of women RE travel, practical solo travel tips, stories of women who traveled every single country in the world, some solo.

I explore how I build trust in my body and intuition to keep me safe, what it means to trust your instincts and how healing past trauma supports this. Also, apps and hacks for flight searching, and a whole bunch of other ways to protect yourself and prepare yourself for and on travel. A brief review of my last time living and traveling abroad.

For anyone that is curious or the wanderlust or adventurer in you or a friend.

Shoutout to my friend Doreen Stelton (@verdantfaerie on Instagram).


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:04 A Customer Review of the Ally With Death Experiential

02:49 What Happens When I Do the Ally With Death

03:32 My First Travel — Chiang Mai, Thailand

05:03 Coming Home After Being Exhausted and Healing With Family

05:50 Where Am I Traveling Next?

07:04 The Scary Side of Solo Travel — Learning to Handle the New Fears

08:09 Powerful Solo Traveling Women and Their Findings

13:08 My Own Safety Experience While Traveling

18:33 One More Unique Story

22:18 A Poignant Article — Stop Telling Women They’ll Be Assaulted

26:26 A Call to Trusting Our Instinctual, Intuitive, and Energetic Senses

29:43 When We Have Parts in a Frozen State

30:55 What I Am Doing to Be More Prepared for My Solo Travel

33:47 Practical Suggestions for Solo Travel

34:22 Part Two: A Couple Days Later — A Lot Has Changed and Developed

35:25 App Recommendations (Hopper & Skiplagged)

37:16 Travel Packing List

37:51 Item: Door Stop Alarm

38:32 Item: Handheld Personal Alarm

39:04 Self Defense Classes

41:01 Item: An Extra Lock

41:08 Spread Your Money — Put It in Your Socks 🧦

41:44 A Decoy Wallet

42:02 Storing Money in a Plastic Tampon Applicator

42:36 Bringing Copies of Important Documents

43:00 Get a Local Sim Card

43:52 Download Maps in Offline Storage

44:33 Download Google Translate and the Language Pack

45:27 Speaking (Even a Little) of the Local Language

45:47 Checking Windows & Doors on Arrival

46:07 Lock Things When Possible

46:33 Don’t Say That You Are Alone

47:03 Documenting a Taxi Driver (Or Take Uber)

47:42 Know Where Your Embassy Is

48:04 Know the Local Emergency Numbers

48:14 Try to Know the Common Scams and Typical Crimes in the Area

48:30 Plan a Few Days at Least

49:09 Reach Out to Local Friends & Nourish Supportive Relationships

49:52 Looking Into the Cultural Etiquette

50:36 Know That You Can Say No

51:05 Travel Insurance & Medical Evacuation is Helpful

51:30 Get Some Local Currency

51:52 Letting Your Bank Know That You’ll Be Traveling

52:09 Letting Your Government Know You Are Abroad

52:51 Develop Your Instincts and Trust Yourself — How?

55:14 Be Aware of Jet-Lag & Feeling Disoriented

56:38 Doing Yoga on Arrival for Grounding

57:06 Reach Out if You Have Questions

57:18 Looking at Where We Are Fearful

58:45 I’ll Share More About My Experience in Later Episodes

58:54 Connect With Me

59:21 The Embody Newsletter

59:38 Sponsored: The Death Experiential

59:58 Outro

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