January 27, 2020

108: Love What You Love

A poem by Mary Oliver, Wild Geese, a confession about pleasing others, a story about my Father, immigration and ancestry with the topic of “niceness”, a live self-forgiveness of myself for ways I judge myself, change your life any moment, and What would a horse do?

I loved this line from Mary Oliver’s poem, Wild Geese: “You only need to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” This touches deep into my heart and body. It reminds me how simple it can be on some levels — that what we love is what we love. To allow what it is that your body already loves to be.

Shoutouts to Nick WerberCharmayne KilcupDr. Kristen Donigan.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:23 Sponsored by My Group Healing Call

02:00 Starting With a Poem

04:27 Not Everybody Will Like Me — and That’s Ok

05:43 Discovering This in My Ancestry

07:06 The Journey of My Father

09:02 My Past Down Experience and Learning to Accept Myself More Deeply

10:59 Sometimes What I Do Feels Heavy — Because I Try to Please Too Many People

12:24 Check-in Questions for You and Me

14:31 What Am I Afraid Of?

16:26 Are There Ways You Are Giving Your Energy Away?

17:16 Experientials You Can Use for Alignment With Yourself

18:23 My Unscripted Self-Forgiveness for Today

23:18 You Do Not Have To…

25:41 What Would a Horse Do?

27:10 We Are Not Limited!

28:51 Outro & Gratitude

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