January 14, 2020

106a: Meditation: Consenting to People and The Present Moment as They Are by Dr. Michael Picucci

As a gift, Nick Werber has offered one of his favorite audio meditations on the subject of consenting to people and the present moment as they are. The meditation is originally written by German Psychologist Bert Hellinger and is read by Dr. Michael Picucci. Dr. Picucci was one of Nick’s greatest mentors and before he passed, Nick spent a year recording several of his meditations along with an audio version of his book, Focalizing Source Energy. The content of the meditation gets at a universal and enduring truth: that our perception of the world around us shapes the world around us.

Listen to the main episode with the Title “106: The Life of an Intention, How Ancestry Intersects, and Black Sheep With Nick Werber” and at the link below.


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0:00 Intro by Candice Wu

0:54 Michael Picucci - Guided Meditations - Consenting

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