January 13, 2020

106: The Life of an Intention, How Ancestry Intersects, and Black Sheep With Nick Werber

Nick Werber is back on The Podcast! My good friend, fellow wizard of a healer and Integrative Coach — Whether you enjoyed Nick Werber on The Podcast before or you’ve never heard from him, you’ll just drink up this episode in which Nick and I chat about a secret to our past lives, intentions, and Black Sheep!

All about Intentions — how to use body awareness to help with intentions, what to make of the barriers that come, and that as soon as you set your intentions you are saying:

“I’m ready to see what has been standing in the way all along.” ~ Nick Werber

Also, a constellations exercise that can support body wisdom and your intentions, and how we may be carrying intentions for someone else in our family ancestry and what to do about this. Find out what needs to be respected in Intention setting, about the process and life of intentions, and my confession about intentions this year.

We explore the value of the Black Sheep in the family from a statement by Bert Hellinger, whether or not Nick and I are the Black Sheep of our families, where we all may have a Black Sheep within us and how that can power the most important parts of us to come forward. A little here about the shadow of the Holocaust and guilt when stepping into what seems like more success than our families.

Listen to Nick Werber’s first appearance on the Podcast.


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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:04 How You Can Support the Podcast

02:16 Next Episode — Michael Picucci Experiential — Consenting

03:55 Intro to Nick

04:43 Where to Find Round One With Nick

05:06 Who is Nick? A Refresher

08:56 Exploring Ancestral Sibling-Ness Between Candice and Nick

10:59 This Time Totally Different the Second Time

12:08 Candice’s Big Mistake — 🙈

12:42 Overview: The Topics of This Episode

13:50 Emerging Words for the New Year and Life

14:56 The Expansion of Nick’s Wedding

16:30 In Creation It All Comes Through

17:37 Living 2020 With Intention

21:13 Using Body Awareness in Intention Setting

22:55 An Intention for This Conversation

28:09 Honoring Michael Picucci and How He Influenced Nick

29:18 Intention: The Antidote to Goal Setting / Are You Ready for What is Necessary?

29:18 The Antidote to Goal Setting — Intentions Bring Forward the Barriers

37:53 Mention of Dive Video

38:50 Nick’s Experience With Intention Setting

40:24 When is It Time to Re-Evaluate Our Intentions? Is the Diving Board Too High?

42:30 The Three Ways of Working With Intention

44:27 Candice’s Confession About Intentions and Her Free Fall With Spontaneity

50:25 Family & Lineage and Interconnection With Intention

52:12 Your Family’s Intentions for You and the Shadow Sides

57:57 About Respecting Our Parents Intentions Even if We Change Them

01:01:47 Mention of Suzi Tucker — Shadow of the Holocaust — Making Yourself Necessary

01:03:43 Intention of Bringing Any Life Into This World

01:07:42 Heart Candy Cartoon — a Whole New Kind of Fucked Up

01:09:04 How Trying to Do It Differently Than Family May Backfire

01:10:28 Black Sheep in Families

01:12:32 How Nick Defines the Black Sheep and is Candice a Black Sheep?

01:17:35 Mention Bert Hellinger Definition of Black Sheep

01:18:07 Nick’s Family and Their Black Sheep Experience

01:20:38 Bert Hellinger Quote & the Importance of the Black Sheep

01:24:13 Where Newness Emerges From — The Black Sheep in Each of Us

01:27:36 Nick’s Retreat — Coming Up in February 2020

01:31:31 Where to Find Nick and His Retreat

01:32:06 Checking in With Our Intention

01:34:16 Gratitude

01:35:23 Outro by Candice

01:36:39 The Embody Newsletter

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