December 30, 2019

104: Stand Behind Yourself: An Embodied Experiential to Fortify Inner Support and Resilience

Imagine standing behind yourself with deep love and power ushering you into life and the New Year. Fortify your ability to stand behind yourself, lean back upon and rely on your deep inner unconditional loving, and embody more of yourself with this experiential.

Also, my receding gum lines who cry out for more strength in support, the gall bladder and liver energies and your right to take up space.

If you’re looking for something different — especially something embodied — to ring in the New Year, or in addition to your resolutions, themes of focus, and intentions, try this brief experiential that you can use as you cross into 2020.

This experiential is a blend of working with inner parts, somatic embodiment, and a Systemic Constellations practice that invites you to stand with more of yourself and all that can support you as you walk forward in life.


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Brought to You My Ally With Death Audio Experiential

Time to cleanse out this last decade! If you’d like some guided support in a stimulating and transformative experience, check out the Ally With Death Experiential.

It is now a guided audio recording full of moody and provocative music and my voice guiding you through death of old ways of being, habits and beliefs, and a rebirth into what would feel more like you, life-giving, and present.

Clear the way for 2020!

Embody yourself with more of you — the fertile ground for what’s next on your journey.

This is a beautiful recording featuring music from Larry Saint Germain, and editing/production by Chris Spiegl, to shake up the decay and stagnancy inside so that you can create new life.

More about the Experiential at


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:57 Instructions to Find Experiential

01:22 Hiccups Before Recording

02:03 Bringing in the new Year — Ending and Beginning Episode

03:51 On Sale — The Ally With Death Audio Experiential

05:13 The Inspiration for this Episode

06:26 Liver and Gallbladder — Connected with the Akash

08:25 Blocked Creative Energy — Red Energy

11:07 Your Experience is Unique — How I like to discover what is happening

11:54 Helpful Methodologies

12:49 Talking to my Gums — Healing through Listening

15:31 Today’s Experiential — Giving Your Body Support Where It May Be Lacking

16:02 Let’s Begin — Standing Behind Yourself Experiential

27:41 Gratitude & Wishes for 2020

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