December 16, 2019

102: The Akashic Records & Realm: Download What’s Beyond Mind Into Our Bodies with Susan Lipshutz

“The Akashic realm lives in a space of wanting us to update — so the mind can understand the experiences that transcend the mind.”
~ Susan Lipshutz

Susan reminds us of what’s beyond the mind’s programming, our innate wisdom, collaborating and interfacing with life as it is now, harvesting our calling, and reawakening the divine feminine. She brings the wisdom of the moon, the akashic realm, and the ancestral wisdom of our elders and earth to mesh with modern life.

What is the Akashic Realm? What informs the universe? Susan shares all about her 25-year-old relationship with the Akashic Realm and Records, what they are, and how it can be supportive; how it holds everything the collective has ever been through and where we are going. Susan works with Astrology and the Akashic Records together — with the intention of remembering what is forgotten, offering assistance to someone on their journey.

Susan speaks to reframing being a black sheep to a rainbow sheep. She honors her Russian roots and grandmother, while also speaking to transforming gifts of pain and learning from other unbroken ancestral lines. Also, gridding the space and being in the Love Frequency, downloading the akashic field into the body, intuition, the cosmic memory field, honoring every culture’s connection with the moon cycles and sacred.

Also, how Astrology informs the collective systems that are now collapsing, why the Earth Keepers like Greta Thunberg and others are collectively and individually showing up, and her interpretation of the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012 — how we have been here before and blew it, and are approaching again an ascension of consciousness.

Susan Lipshutz, LCSW has been a pioneer in the field of Integrative Psychotherapy, women’s empowerment and soul level mentoring for over 35 years. Consultations are tailored to the needs of the individual offering a blend of innovative deep therapeutic approaches with an expanded understanding of the greater self via an astrological and spiritual perspective. Devoted to building meaningful communities that reawaken and integrate the divine feminine into daily life, Susan invites a reclaiming of each woman’s ancestral wisdom, inner guidance and innate understanding of true beauty via a weaving of practices and teachings inspired by many years of dedicated work with global wisdom keepers and evolutionary teachings. Susan is the founder of Everyday Medicine Woman, offering workshops, meditation courses, and retreats.


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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:06 Brought to you by the Ally with Death Audio Experiential

2:22 Opening by Candice Wu

4:53 Welcoming Susan

6:30 Energy Downloads and Technology Don’t Mix

7:08 Introducing Susan and Her Work and the Wisdom of Grandmothers

12:48 What is Alive in Susan’s Life Right Now?

15:39 Cutting the Cord & Unwinding From What’s No Longer Sustaining

15:39 Finding Old Techniques Again

17:35 What Susan Feels Called to Work on and With

18:45 Why One-Shot Consultation is Not Helpful With Astrology & Akashic Records

21:02 The Understanding of Akashic Records by Susan

21:02 Susan’s Understanding of Akashic Records

26:10 How Susan Was Drawn in — The Buffet of Everything

27:27 Susan’s 25 Year Relationship With the Records

29:49 Peru and the Unbroken Connection to Source

33:33 Why Young Children Are Waking Up With So Much Trauma — They Don’t Have a Future

35:07 The Generational Piece and Forgotten Elders

36:20 Akashic Records Are Like The Cloud and You Can Connect to It

38:04 Gridding the Space — Getting a Lot of Static

39:20 How is Akashic Records Different From Other Psychic Gifts and Abilities?

42:25 One of Susan’s Fav Books — The Akashic Experience — Science and the Cosmic Memory Field by Ervin Laszlo

46:55 Is There a gap or difference Between Where the Knowledge Began and the New Wave That We Are Experiencing Now?

51:25 Why We Lost the Mystical

52:50 The Akashic is Everything — Political, Gender, Spiritual, and More

53:43 Susans Two Prong Process and the Special Places of Intersection

54:50 Having a Relationship With the Akash — The Importance of a Slow Start

56:59 The Rainbow Sheep 🌈🐑

59:16 Susans Upcoming The Power of the Circle Retreat in Santa Fe

1:02:41 Anything Else to Share Today? Sharing Gratitude and Impact

1:05:14 How to Work With Susan (Men and Women / Online and in Chicago)

1:05:51 Where to Find Susan Online

1:06:09 Outro by Candice

1:06:57 Ally with Death is on Sale until 6th of January 2020

1:07:19 Wishes for You

1:07:29 All the Meditations / Podcast Episodes

1:08:16 Sendoff and Until Next Time

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